Rushegura Gorilla Families

Rushegura Gorilla Families

There are two habituated gorilla familes in Rushegura (North Eastern Bwindi) and here are;

Bitukura Group

This is one of the oldest groups, and consequently one of the friendliest. Sadly they lost their long-reigning silverback Ruhondeza to old age in 2012, but blackback Kanyonyi appears to be taking over leadership of the group

as he graduates into a fully fledged silverback. Mubare group are usually found approximately 15-45 minutes drive from the briefing point. The trek to reach them can be one of the more arduous, taking around 3 to 4 hours to locate the gorillas.

Oruzogo Group

This group opened in June 2011 in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi. The group’s name is derived from one of the plants the gorillas like to eat. Oruzogo is currently (at July 2012) the largest habituated group within Bwindi and therefore has a significant number of infant and juvenile gorillas – including a pair of twins born in March 2012. Their playful antics can make for an excellent experience and unique photographic opportunity. Please note the comments under Bitakura with regards altitude and driving time from Buhoma.

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