Buhoma Gorilla Families

Buhoma Gorilla Families

There are three habituated gorilla groups that can be tracked from Buhoma (also referred to as Northern Bwindi). These are;

Habinyanja Gorilla Group

This group’s name comes from ‘Nyanja’, which is the local word for ‘body of water’ and refers to a swamp in the forest where the group was first sighted. There is a drive of approximately 45 minutes from the briefing point to the start of the hike. Locating these gorillas often takes around two hours – but timings can vary depending on their location. The group is known to have a good population of juveniles and infants, making for a rewarding sighting.

Rushegura Group

This group was created in 2002 after a silverback broke away from the Habinyanja group. The group’s name is derived from the Ebishegura tree which is abundant in the area. Rushegura is also known for its playful infants. The group often stays close to Buhoma, so the hike can be relatively short. Indeed, on occasion they have even been seen wandering through the gardens of the lodges in the area, as our client discovered in a unique chance encounter.

Mubare Group

This is one of the oldest groups, and consequently one of the friendliest. Sadly they lost their long-reigning silverback Ruhondeza to old age in 2012, but blackback Kanyonyi appears to be taking over leadership of the group

as he graduates into a fully fledged silverback. Mubare group are usually found approximately 15-45 minutes drive from the briefing point. The trek to reach them can be one of the more arduous, taking around 3 to 4 hours to locate the gorillas.

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