Enjoy Cultural Encounters in Bwindi Forest

Enjoy Cultural Encounters in Bwindi Forest

Uganda the pearl of Africa is gifted with various tribes of people who have unique cultural attributes but the areas around Bwindi Impenetrable national park are gifted with the unique cultural encounters which cannot be got else in the world but in south western part of Uganda. Therefore any traveler seeking an interesting, memorable, educative, and interactive and above all authenticity cultural encounter experiences should book for a gorilla trekking trip that is combined with cultural experiences. Your tour will become a dream come true given the experience you will get after encountering some of the people you have never met in life and yet the first sight makes you feel to stay with them for the rest of your earth life.

The best cultural encounter in Bwindi can be experienced from taking the Buhoma Community Tours. The three to four hour walk to the nearby villages enables the visitors to pay visit to local hand craft shops which are selling locally made artifacts like beeswax candles as well as the fabrics ,wood carving produced by the natural talented Batwa people.The interesting part of the tour or nature walk is that it leads visitors to the rare Batwa community where visitors will be entertained with various traditional songs as well as dances showing the traditional life of local Batwa when they were still living in the dark forests of Bwindi. The journey leads visitors to the local traditional healer who is more respected in the Batwa community and here visitors will be exposed to various ways how traditional healers use medicinal plants and other local herbs to cure diseases. The experience here is marvelous and leaves visitors demanding for more time and days to stay with the local people.

Safaris in Uganda do not only depend of wild life but the exceptional cultural encounters one can get from taking Uganda safari surpass the visitors’ expectation.Takinga cultural tour to meet the Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation found in the south western part of Uganda in the areas around Bwindi offers a memorable cultural experience. A visit in this particular place avails the visitors with interesting scenic views and also taking time to tour Nicholas the blacksmith activities which reminds visitors of the long ago old stone age period were Nicholas does interesting wonders which cannot be witnessed in any part of Africa.

Participating in the Buniga Forest Nature Walk is that rewarding experience which no visitor should afford to miss when he or she lands on the pearl of Africa to spend his or her holiday safari in Uganda. The walk enables the visitor discover the hidden secrets of African traditional life life’s and at the same time offering interesting scenic views of the interesting forested lands in the south western part of Uganda.

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