Experience Magical Luxury Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Experience Magical Luxury Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Gorilla trekking is one of the safest tour adventures in Africa enjoyed in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Are you seeking for exceptional magical experience of a life time?, There are many luxury gorilla trekking tours  but to experience the magic of Africa is when you stay in a comfortable luxury gorilla safari lodge built with local materials offering unparalleled sophistication in one of the most remote locations on the great jungle forest. Best of all most luxury gorilla lodges are located within the park or close to the park where guests can enjoy the unique safari holiday surrounded by complete comfort and elegance. Bath in company of birds and wake up to the sights of several forest habitants roaming around creating a unique beautiful environment.

Rwanda Luxury Gorilla Safaris

Get unique blend of modern luxury and ancient in Rwanda the known famous luxury gorilla trekking destination with lots of exclusive gorilla safari experiences and offers. Imagine tracking the entire habituated mountain gorilla family at only$1500 alone without being joined by any other tourist. Tracking gorillas in Rwanda is superb luxury since gorilla permits are for only those who can afford the $1500 per a trek. Rwanda is exceptional luxury gorilla destination, no congestion and the experience is magical. Rwanda has many luxury magnificent lodges with great views, beautiful country side and neighbored to the Ibiwachu cultural village a place to find ancient Rwanda culture in the present. Accommodation are very private and exceptional especially Bisente gorilla lodge, Virunga lodge, Sabinyo silver back lodge, Mountain gorilla view lodge etc.During your Rwanda gorilla trek. You can also visit the local school – stop and buy pens and notebooks in Kigali for them hence contributing to the upcoming generation.

Uganda Luxury Gorilla Safaris

I can’t imagine a more perfect place go on a luxury gorilla tour than Uganda. Wake every, morning under the sounds of forest habitants. Looking at birds chirping in forest trees is just enough to show that your gorilla trekking experience is definitely perfect. The view of Bwindi forest national park from the lodge is very perfect, great food from knowledgeable cooks ending the entire gorilla trekking experience in smiles. If you want to spend more time with gorillas a full day, reserve gorilla permits for mountain gorilla habituation and let the gorillas guide you all day in their natural home. Best gorilla luxury accommodations include, Sanctuary forest camp, Clouds mountain lodge, volcanoes lodge, Mahogany springs lodge, Buhoma lodge, Ruhija safari lodge, Gorilla safari lodge and more. Luxury gorilla safaris in Uganda are very affordable hence giving visitor’s chances to track gorillas twice.

Congo Luxury Gorilla Tours

In Congo luxury is found in Mikeno lodge a hub of all tour activities in Virunga national park including gorilla tracking. During your congo tour, there is a lot to enjoy as you relax at Mikeno including  chimp trekking, nature walks, gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo hike, visit to Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage, tour to the park headquarter and its also very convenient to gorilla trekking visitors unlike Bukima tented camp.

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