Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking is the practice of watching gorillas and following them in their natural environment. For the past twenty years, gorillas are usually watched for recreation but sometimes they are observed for scientific or educational purposes. This amazing experience is becoming a very popular recreational adventure and is among the top adventure activities in Africa. Many travelers ask a lot of questions about gorilla trekking. Here is a quick guide to gorilla tracking in Africa. Tracking Mountain Gorillas is one of the most unique things that you can do while traveling around Africa.

How a Gorilla Trek is Conducted

It common that tracking the mountain gorillas with in a thick rain forest in central Africa is a real adventure and has attracted many travellers to come and be part of the experience. Finding and getting to the mountain gorillas is not easy as many people think, nor the visitors guaranteed to see them. The trek to find the gorillas takes you through the dense vegetation on the narrow trails with both mud and steep slopes. This search of these primates can last many hours since they move around in the think undergrowth as they shift deeper into the rainforests most of the time. However, when they are trekked and found, they are enjoyed by the visitors since they are also used to the human presence.

Starting your gorilla safari will require you to start so early in the morning and driving to the boundary of the park for the general formalities before you continue to the ranger’s station. The vehicles are left behind at the ranger station and the gorilla walk begins. The group usually follows the instructions of the local ranger through the farmlands and deep into the thick vegetation if Bwindi impenetrable National park.

About knowing the group whoop! The rangers always tell you about the specific family of the mountain gorillas that you are trek. They will also fill you with the history and the depth knowledge about these mountain gorillas. The rangers also trek to the real site where the gorillas were seen the previous day and will trace their movements from there to show them to the visitors. These gorillas are also monitored daily which helps to keeping tracking of their locale safety as well as health. After spending 45 minutes to 8 hours of challenging searching along the muddy slopes, you will then come face to face with the family group of the mountain gorillas in the forest. You will put your stuff down and remain silent as you move in a little closer with your cameras to be able to view some of these beautiful primates.

And about the real Gorilla encounter, this is the exact time where magic happens and this is a unique and intimate expedition that unfolds to the trekkers. You will be given 1 hour to observe the gentle apes at a close range of up to 7 metres in their natural habitat as you also take photos. You will be given a chance to view these beautiful primates as they groom, feed, parent, play and also as they interact with each other. Their exact resemblance between the ways they behave and also as they relate to each other as well as the mannerism of the human beings leaves many of the trekkers wondering.

Returning from the gorilla expedition means that after spending your time of one hour with the gorillas, it’s time to return to the trekking station of the rangers. You will also carry your packed food and water with you and by the time you reach the ranger station, your guide will transfer you to your vehicle and then make your way back to your booked accommodation facility.

About the variation of the gorilla experience, gorilla trekking varies and you will never know what really happens on the ground. This experience will vary depending on the local conditions like the weather, movement of the gorillas, politics and happenings. These also tend to be in different locations since they are wild animals. This also means that even though the gorillas are habituated to the humans, their behaviours are unpredictable. These primates also move to the bush as the visitors are viewing them and this is also beyond the ranger’s control since their movements are not restricted. These also go about their daily activity undisturbed and the young ones showing the curiosity about the many human visitors.


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