Gorilla Families

Gorilla Families

In total Kahuzi-Beiga national park has 9 families of gorillas but the best tourist activity in this park is the trekking of the eastern low land gorillas which are of four families but two are not habituated but under still the habituation process. There are other two are habituated where you can spend your time with them seeing them doing their daily duties like waking up from their nests, feeding the young ones, playing with the young ones and other amazing things they normal do until when they starting making a new nest for the night. These families are led by one silverbacks, females, infants, juveniles and sub silverbacks.


This family is habituated with 37 members and the head being Chimanuka where the group drives its name, including 19 babies and 17 females with one silverback that heads them. This family is famous for having four sets of twins which has never been seen in any family of the eastern gorilla population


The Mugaruka family has only one member that is Mugaruka. The two habituated families, Chimanuka and Mugaruka are the most loved by tourists because they can easily be accessed by the visitors. Mugaruka lost one hand in a poacher’s trap with that it is now a solitary male after losing the females and infants in a fight with Chimanuka.


These two families are under the habituation process to make the number of habituated families to four

Trekking the Eastern Lowland gorillas starts with a morning briefing from the guides and the trekkers are expected to put on masks that don’t transmit cough or cold to the gorillas and hiking gears like boots, rain jackets, camera gargets and packed food. Hiking starts at Tshivanga the center for the park and may last 1 to 6 hours depending on the movements of the group that will be allocated for you to trek and which family to spend time with.

The allocated time is strictly one hour after getting the gorillas. Visitors are expected to book the lowland gorilla trekking safari with a safari company; a gorilla permit in Kahuzi-Biega goes for $400 per person.