How to Track Mountain Gorillas on Budget

How to Track Mountain Gorillas on Budget

Looking at pricey wildlife encounters, the cost associated with gorilla safaris in Africa the most exciting place on earth would make anyone surprised but the experience of seeing mountain gorillas is worth every penny spent. However, there are several ways of tracking mountain gorillas on budget in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. The tips make gorilla trekking destinations a place where all kinds of travelers can enjoy regardless of budget. Below are some fabulous tips on how you can track gorillas on budget.

Plan your Gorilla Trek

There are many tour operators organizing trips across all mountain gorilla trekking parks in all the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but getting in touch is just by a click online. The logic is simple and easy search for gorilla safari tours in the destination of your choice and send your request to a minimum of three tour operators .Later compare the price offers before choosing the best trip organizer to take care of your trip essentials . This will enable you pay less but worth after having looked at the prevailing gorilla safari price on offer.

Travel during off Season

A gorilla safari tour in Africa in off season is way of saving big for upcoming trips because all the safari essentials are discounted. Gorilla permits cost less in Uganda and Congo unlike in Rwanda where permit prices are same all year. Lodges offer discounted prices for low season as well as transport hence giving you enough opportunities to track gorillas on budget. Mountain gorilla trekking is a year round activity so gorilla tracking is very fantastic even the so called low season months of April, May and November.

Choose budget gorilla safari options

Tour operators do offer different gorilla safari options depending on your interest and number of days. However always chose the budget safari option or backpacking because it’s always the cheapest compared to luxury and midrange. The lodges are basic but comfortable and the services are just great for a budget safari tour. Rooms are always clean, meals tasty with nothing to complain about for a budget gorilla safari. Don’t forget budget accommodation is ensuit or self contained a reason for you to enjoy your stay just like never before.

Pre-Safari Booking & Confirmation

Always different service providers revise their prices every year so if your plan to track gorillas a year later, better to reserve your trip essentials this year to avoid extra charges. During your travel time you will be travelling cheap than those who booked their trip in the very year hence exploring the wilderness forest and meeting up with mountain gorillas on budget.

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