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Gorilla Trekking

Watching the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is one of the encounters an adventure traveler would have a wish list before he/she gets enough of travelling due its captivating experience yielded from the gorilla trekking expedition.

Are you planning to visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo? Whether you want to join a scheduled gorilla safari, need help planning your own personal adventure, or wish to join one of the upcoming gorilla tours, our exclusive information will help you find you the best trip.

If you have already planned a trip to Africa, discover the information you need to plan a successful trip and travel safely for your gorilla safari. If you haven’t planned your trip to Africa, see our suggestions of different destinations to combine with your trip. If you wish to join a group, visit safari specials and then contact us to help you find the tour that is best for you.


Gorilla Trekking – A brief history and overview about gorilla tourism
Where to Go Gorilla Trekking – Trails and Alternatives
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Preparing for a Gorilla Trek

  • Gorilla Permits – How to Buy Gorilla Permits
  • Altitude Sickness, Acclimatization and Training
  • Costs of a Gorilla Safari and Tour Operators
  • Travel Insurance – What Kind of Insurance is Needed for Trackers
  • Packing for a Gorilla Trek – Packing List for Men, Women, Photograpers
  • Books and Guides – Recommended Guidebooks & Resources
  • FAQs About Gorilla Tracking

Travel Advisor

Need information on the “how to’s” of gorilla trekking? How to dress? What to expect? We hope you find the answers you need to plan a wonderful life experience. We are committed to providing quality information about gorillas, conservation and timely updates about gorilla trekking. We also provide educational information on gorillas and the latest updates and developments where gorilla trekking is carried out. We support tour operators that practice the guidelines mandated by the tourism agencies that work in conserving gorilla to ensure their safety and promote ecotourism.

Where to Go Gorilla Trekking

Many people ask about where to go Gorilla Trekking. Gorillas are only found in Africa and you can go to different countries where you can see the mountain gorillas in the wild. However not all countries that host the gorillas have developed gorilla tourism. The most popular countries for gorilla trekking are;

  • Uganda – Here you can see the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park
  • Rwanda – Here you can see the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park
  • Congo – This country has both mountain gorillas and western lowland gorillas. The mountain gorillas can be visited in Virunga National Park while the western lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega,
  • Central African Republic – Home to western lowland gorillas
  • Gabon –

When To Go Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking can be taken anytime of the year. Visitors hike to the gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo any time of the year. Though most visitors prefer to go gorilla trekking during the dry season, it is also possible to see the gorillas during the rainy season. The rainy seasons are March to April/May and October to November while the dry season runs from mid-December to late – February or June to late-September during the dry seasons.

When to Go for Gorilla Trekking

There are ostensibly two main seasons in East and Central Africa, homes to the mountain gorillas. These are the dry season and the Wet Season.
The dry season starts from December to March and June – September
The Wet Season starts from April – May and October & November
The most popular time to track the mountain gorillas is the time when there is low rains. Therefore the dry season is the favorite time of the year to track the gorillas. However, it should be noted that gorilla trekking can be done all yaer round. If you would like to have a personalized experience tracking during the low months gives you an edge! You will track the gorillas in groups less than 8! Remember 8 is the maximum number of tourists who are allowed to visit a habituated gorilla family! There are great reviews from some tourists who have gone gorilla trekking in ths low season months!

It is important to note that weather is unpredictable in Uganda and Rwanda. There is always a possibility of encountering rain somewhere on the trail, regardless of season. That is why you shoudl always pack the right gear – Don’t forget to carry good waterproof rain gear in your bag. Fog, particularly in the early morning, is also common in Bwindi and Virunga Mountains so it is important to move with the right clothing!
So in summary:

June – September: Dry, most popular time to trek (Busiest months June, July and August)
October – November: Wet, but quieter than the busy season and worth considering as months to trek
December – Mid March: Dry months – Great time to go gorilla trekking
Mid march – May: Wet, but quieter than the busy season and worth considering as months to trek

For detailed information on each park weather, including useful historical rainfall, temperature and wind charts see our article best time to visit section.

Quick Guide to Gorilla Trekking

The Activity

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  • Is Gorilla Trekking Safe
  • Is Gorilla Trekking Safe

Gorilla Trekking Planner

How much does it cost to see gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda ?

A gorilla permit costs $ 500 in Uganda and $ 750 in Rwanda. The cheapest safari you can ever get is close to $ 1300 per person. Some tourists prefer to contact UWA or ORPTN for the permits directly but its far better if you went through a travel agent. Remember that there are different gorilla groups and in Uganda, you need to get a permit which corresponds to where you will be staying.

What Clothes to Wear ?

You are definitely going to be in a forest. This means you will need khaki clothes covering your body, and for your foot wear, you will need trekking boots, rain jacket and so much more. On your checklist or packing list of what to carry, your camera is a must, drinking water and a few snacks if possible.

Where to stay?
There are various lodges close to the National parks for all budgets, affordable, mid-range, luxury or even super luxury, it all depends on the cost and what you are likely to spend on. Gorilla Trips to Uganda and Rwanda and gorilla viewing and sightseeing tours.

How Much Is Gorilla Trekking?
In order to see the mountain gorillas, one need to book gorilla permits well in advance. The gorilla permits cost USD600 in Uganda, USD750 in Rwanda and USD 450 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Travelers can also book a fully inclusive gorilla safari offered by tour operators. Most gorilla trips range from day trips to week+ adventures.

Costs & Tour Operators

There are several tour operators offering gorilla tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Looking for a day trip or a longer safari? We will help you find the perfect gorilla trekking trip from reliable and trusted tour operators specializing in creating gorilla trekking trips who will work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams. Check out the Tour Operators and get packing!